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Welcome to Document Management System Project. Here you can find information to download and configure the system and latest information about the project.


This project will address the needs of managing the documents in an enterprise. This project will make the organization, access and distributing of the documents easy in an enterprise. This provides the web centric interface to manage, access and distribute the documents does the version control to keep track of all the versions.

This project's final version 1.0 has been released. Source code and binary are available for download from the download page of this site.

Features in initial version

The final version 1.0 will provide the basic framework to build the system and provide basic features to start using this sytem. In this version following features will be provided.

  • Let users to create projects/folders and documents.
  • Easy navigation between project hierarchies.
  • Listing of all versions of the document and download required version.
  • Checkout document for update.
  • Cancel the checkout operation.
  • Checkin documents.
  • Move documents around the repository.
  • Mark projects/folders and documents for deletion.
  • Recovery of documents marked for deletion by ADMIN.
  • Role based security.
  • User management for the ADMIN.
  • Process runs periodically to permanently remove deleted documents from repository.

Features to expect from the next releases

Followng features will be implemented in next releases.

  • Document Repository implementation in Database.
  • Search functionality to search for the required documents.
  • Configuration management page for ADMIN.
  • Restricting the cancel checkout, checkin actions to the users who did checkout.

If you wish to see any feature to be added to this project, please submit them at the following URL.
Document Management System Feature Request